Impact Detacher MZSF
Dynamically balanced rotor ensures a vibration free stable operation.Low maintenance, cast housing structure.

Impact Detacher MZSF

Endosperm material after rollermill is conveyed into the machine prior to sifting which is then broken down hence refined, sent to the correct plansifter destination for flour separation and release. These machines are very necessary since without, flour extraction would be lost to bran and pollard.

The machine consists of two main parts; the circular housing of the machine, made of cast iron which provides a tangential product discharge into the mill pneumatic line and the disc structure which is fitted with pins either square or round depending on the application. To ensure intensive impact action the disc is fitted with two rows of pins which creates a high speed centrifugal force on the material. The machine is equipped with a flanged motor for direct drive which can be installed supported or suspended. The disrupter can be connected to a gravity spout or in-line with the mill pneumatic line.

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