State purchase has made it difficult for private grain processing enterprises

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【Abstract】Along with the continuous advancement of China's grain market reform, the main body of the grain market is basically formed. Food market competition intensifies, the government regulation and control of grain market capacity is significantly improved.

Along with the continuous advancement of China's grain market reform, the main body of the grain market is basically formed. Food market competition intensifies, the government regulation and control of grain market capacity is significantly improved. How to treat the operation of China's grain market? What is the relationship between the changes in the food market and the macroeconomic situation in the country? Grain market related subjects, especially grain purchasing and storage and processing enterprises how to deepen the reform of the grain market in the future to know and choose suitable development strategy?

One, the main characteristics of the current food market operation

From a different perspective to look at the current situation of China's grain market, you can draw different conclusions. This is mainly related to the food market, the main objectives of the different, the pursuit of different interests, the use of means and its possible impact is also different, so that the food market to make different judgments, and even make a completely contrary judgment.

Since 2004, China has released the grain purchase market, the grain market reform entered a new stage. Food production and operation of discretion by the farmers, the important subject of purchasing and storage of food processing and sales link is legal related businesses and farmers agent directly facing the food producers and consumers the freedom to trade. In basically liberalized grain market at the same time, the government to increase on the grain market regulation and control, the key is in commissariat buys the market to establish a prop acquisition plan mechanism, starting a minimum purchase price policy and the policy of temporary storage in accordance with the procedures and Shunjiaxiaoshou principle of purchasing and storage of food in accordance with the public open auction meeting food processing enterprises demand for large quantities of grain.

From the perspective of government regulation and control food market, China's grain market is stable, and the grain market situation is basically in line with the government regulation target. For national food security considerations, the government will pursue the grain market adequate supply and maintain the reasonable level of food prices. In 2013, China's grain production capacity of ten tons, the formation of 6 tons of grain production capacity, imports of about 80000000 tons of grain, grain stocks, food supply and protection. In order to protect and mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain, in recent years the state has increased food prop acquisition price. Practice shows that the grain around the farmers generally profitable, commissariat cultivates an area to expand ceaselessly, farmers sell grain generally smooth, there was no in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century national farmers sell grain difficult and ious problems.

No matter from the view of the price of grain production, or consumer food price point of view, in recent years, China's grain market prices showing a steady rising trend, grain market price fluctuations, both than our country basically no government intervention in the vegetable market price volatility is small, is smaller than the less government intervention in the meat market price volatility, more than the international market grain price fluctuation range is small, the effectiveness of China's market-oriented reform of grain significantly, which is very favorable for food and agriculture and consumers.

From the point of view of food processing enterprises, grain market operation showing rice paddy strong weak "and" strong wheat face weak trend, especially the ordinary grain processing enterprises and state in the grain purchasing market support City acquisition policy implementation between the subject and the object of the game, and food consumption market of fierce competition, let a lot of food processing enterprises to survive the difficulties, corporate profit margins, and even long-term losses.

For food processing enterprises are facing difficulties, there are different interpretations and views of the community. Operation of the existing grain market against the grain processing enterprises, some people think that the government is implementing the food prop acquisition brings, abandoning prop acquisition, reduce inventory, to food processing enterprises to create a more fair competitive environment, improve the international competitiveness of food; some people think that the existing grain processing serious excess capacity, stand out inefficient small-scale processing capacity; some people think that the international grain market volatility conduction to the domestic food imports, the impact on the domestic market, calls for a review of domestic and international grain market and a corresponding policy conduction relationship, such as in accordance with the international grain market price as the prop acquisition "price ceiling"; some people believe that with economic growth the slowdown in the pace of national grain processing demand, especially corn deep processing demand, which advocated stimulus policies to increase food processing demand for food.

In view of the difficulties faced by food processing enterprises, the various interpretations and views put forward by the society should be said to be certain, and it is worth paying attention to. These understanding should be to further improve our food policy, to promote the healthy operation of the food market, to protect the new situation of national food security strategy to provide an important reference. However, there is no denying that there is a contradiction between the above-mentioned various views. In order to be more comprehensive and profound understanding of China's grain market, the paper focuses on the short-term and long-term impact of China's macro economic situation and its economic development.

Two, economic growth, income and food consumption changes

The speed of economic growth directly affects the employment situation, and then affects the income growth of urban and rural residents. In the long run, the income of residents affects the growth of food consumption and its structure upgrade. To investigate the economic growth rate of China and its influence on the income of residents, it is helpful to grasp the trend of food consumption and its demand.

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