High Pressure Air Jet Filter VGMC
Magnehelic pressure gauge to monitor cleaning efficiency.Easy chamber access for sleeve cleaning or replacement. High quality solenoid values therefore long service life.

High Pressure Air Jet Filter VGMC

Dust ladened air enters into the air jet chamber through the inlet; the larger air particles fall down along the inner body of the jet filter, move into the hopper and are discharged through the airlock. During this process air and fine dust stick on the outside of the filter sleeve(s), while clean air will enter into the sleeve cage top by way of a short pulse which moves the fine material off each sleeve.  A timer box linked to an individual solenoid controls the sequence and duration of the clean air pulse. 
The feature of the high pressure air jet filter is that a number of filter sleeves are grouped together in series with a dedicated solenoid value installed outside the top free air chamber with the high pressure air tank. The solenoid value construction and working principal is such that when there is no power supply available, a spring holds a rubber diaphragm down over the high pressure air storage tank which ensures that the tank is always charged, when the timer box sends a signal to a solenoid it opens the diaphragm which releases a blast of air down each sleeve series at the same time which clean the filter sleeve(s). 

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