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Electronic Automatic Scale PLLC
High reliability due to few moving parts.Excellent sanitation due to tubular design, low dust and complete discharge.Easy maintenance since all working parts are located on machine outside.

Electronic Automatic Scale PLLC

The granular material moves through the processing flow into the upper storage hopper, here the feeding gate opens, material moves into the weighing hopper, when the material weight in the weighing hopper reaches the target value, the feeding gate closes, the weighing unit analyzes and confirms the value, here the net weight value plus the accumulated value and is stored in the memory of the total calculated value. When the material in the discharging hopper is lower than the low level (there is discharging space), the low level indicator sends a signal, the weighing hopper gate opens, material flows into the discharging hopper,material is discharged thoroughly, the discharging signal of weighing hopper disappears, the gate closes. After the weighing hopper becomes stable, it begins its next work cycle.

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