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Multi Spout Weighing Packer PZDB
Screw conveyor, carousel gear motor supplied with soft start with low noise.Frequency inverter enables the feeding conveyor to operate at three (3) speeds.Bag clamp holder hopper made of stainless steel which reduces material adherence.

Multi Spout Weighing Packer PZDB

PLDB utilizes two (2) weight-in-loss weight scales. Material after weighing will go through a stainless steel three (3) way junction which lead to the multiple spout carousel turn-table. 
The feeding screw feeds material into the hopper automatically then stops as it approaches the upper target limit. The weighing control system then sends a signal to deliver the material to the bag (s) that are positioned underneath and held onto the packing machine by bag clamps that utilize compressed air. The material will stops conveying when it approaches the preset target. The screw conveyor will feed the material into the bag immediately after the bag clamps are closed. A feature of this system is that there is very little material dust generated during the filling process since the material is gradually fed into the bag as opposed to a single dump weight at one time. As a guide, 25kg material is fed in approx. (6), six seconds. The bagging spout is made of stainless steel, this prevents material adherence, therefore a high degree of accuracy and sanitation is achieved. 

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