Tubular Screw Conveyor BYJL
Tubular mild steel material connected by flange.Lubrication free hanger bearings.High quality end bearing flange seals to prevent dust leakage.Simple structure, easy for maintenance for long service life.

Tubular Screw Conveyor BYJL

Machine is composed of a gear motor, coupling, tubular shell, shaft with welded spiral, end and hanger bearings. 
The head with the gear motor is also the product inlet side along with front plate and sealing device, end bearing is aligning and can withstand the axial forces. The gear motor utilizes a toothed belt drive and can withstand necessary torque. The tubular shell is made of seamless mild steel linked from end to end by flanges. The tail is composed of the end plate and sealing device. The middle will contain a hanger telfon bearing if the overall length exceeds 4 meters. The spiral part is composed of a changeable screw pitch blade. Material is conveyed from end to end, at changeable speed to suit the requirement as necessary. 

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