Plansifter MGFS
High sifting capacity in a minimum space due to sieve stacks effective height. Easy sieve adjustment as necessary. Leak proof sifter sections. Easy installation, maintenance due to trouble free operations. Excellent sanitation.

Plansifter MGFS

The plansifter consists of two symmetrically designed structures:
The sifter sections compartments, including sieve frames with various sifting passages, internal walls supplied in stainless steel. middle drive section including adjustable counter balance weight mounted with Japan NSK special double row roller bearings self aligning type.
The structure is held together with high tensile bolts. The machine is supported by two beams connected to the machine sides with the suspension rods clamped at each end which extend upwards to clamping brackets located overhead supported by a steel structure.  
GGI ALUM style sieve frames are fixed into the plansifter compartment boxes, inner aluminium frame for SEFAR mesh cloth, outer frames coated inside and outside with plastic melamine lamination and are supplied with stainless steel trays.  All sieves are demountable, interchangeable, upper clamping by means of a metal frame and pressure micrometric screws. Easy and quick changing of sifting scheme if necessary. 
There are two main types of sieve size, standard 640x640mm @ 0.383M2 surface area, and large 730x730mm @ 0.473M2 surface area for greater sifting area requirement. The outer sieve frame can be supplied at different heights to suit different applications i.e. 50/60/70/80/90/126mm. The top box frame height is 126mm, while the bottom sieve base 140-150mm.

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