Rotary Sifter MDYS
High capacity with highly efficient separation.Easy cylindrical mesh jacket replacement.Wide selection of sieve mesh to suit various applications.Easy access for maintenance.

Rotary Sifter MDYS

MDYS rotary sieve is composed of a cylindrical sieve, beaters and brushes. The cylindrical sieve jacket is fixed on the outside cover of the internal cylindrical frame, which houses the two rotating beaters with two brushes, are fixed on the rotating shaft located on the principal axis and turn together.
The material is fed though the inlet then into the interior of the cylindrical section; the beaters both fling the material at the sieve mesh while at the same time move the material towards the outlet. At the same time the brushes keep the sieve mesh clear, fine material is pushed though then sieve mesh, falls into the collection hopper, coarse material over tails the sieve and moves to the outlet. 

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