Twin Check Sifter MFSC & MBSC
Supplied with outlets for discharge, including inlet and outlet socks and black plastic caps. Easy and quick changing of sifting scheme if necessary. Small foot print which allows the machine to be installed with a small space.

Twin Check Sifter MFSC & MBSC

The machine is composed of two main parts; the mild steel frame mounted with clamps for the flexible suspension rods, floor plates for mounting and the mild steel box section for the sieve frames with upper clamping by means of a metal frame and clamping pressure micrometric screws. 
The drive unit with counter balance weight, with motor, pulley's, v-belt is mounted under the cabinet box section, adjustable to suit different applications. Material is fed into the top section and by the machines circular motion, the fine material moves through the sieve mesh and is discharged out each sieve side to outlets, while the course material over tails and sent to separate outlets. 

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