Automatic Flow Balancer CZPM
Constant throughput rate.Fast and precise automatic control system.User-friendly electronics. Integrated monitoring the low level and the proportioning gate.Easy and fast weight alignment.Low building height requirement.

Automatic Flow Balancer CZPM

The CZPM Automatic Flow balancer allows the flow rate of a free-flowing stream of product to be maintained constant regardless of the specific gravity or variations in the moisture content of the product.
The required throughput is specified by entering the value directly on the control unit or by remote control via a process control system equipped with the appropriate serial or analog (option) interfaces.
The MZAL Automatic Flow balancer is distinguished by the following technical features:
Pneumatically controlled proportioning gate with automatic closing in case of a power failure.
Measurement system with an impact plate and electronic force transducer.
Integrated electronics for operation, control and monitoring of the unit.

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