Vibro Grain Separator CZDS
Simple design, smooth operation.Sturdy construction.Adjustable stroke and angle of throw. Low noise, low power requirement.Easy operation and maintenance.Excellent separating efficiency.Quick and easy changing of sieves.

Vibro Grain Separator CZDS

The material is fed through the inlet spout into the inlet unit fitted with an eccentric cone and then into the distribution deflector and inlet box. The eccentric cone can be turned so that the flow of product can be left exactly to the center of the distribution deflector. Along with the oscillating motion of the machine, the inlet box vibrates together and the material is distributed onto the bottom plate equally and scattered onto the sieve, the side plate cannot adjust the material flow evenly.
There is an assembly with a distribution flap, which is fitted where the inlet meets the sieve, which finally makes an even distribution of the product. Behind this flap the product flows over the first sieve deck. The through's of the second sieve falls onto the bottom plate and are led away in the outlet at the centre of the machine. The overs of the second sieve desk are fed through another flap then in the vertical aspitation channel.

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