Gravity Destoner CQS
Easy aspiration adjustment、Low noise,dust free operation、Easy operation and maintenance、Optimal output with separate aspiration system.

Gravity Destoner CQS

The raw material falls onto the allocating chute via the inlet pipe. Due to the vibrating action, the material spreads across the full sieve length.Under the combined action of vibration and air flow, the material on the top sieve decks classifies automatically and forms into the light fraction. This light material moves over the top sieve and discharges via the outlet of the frame, while the very light material such as light straw and dust are taken away together with air aspiration.

The heavy material with the stones and sand falls onto the bottom sieve frame, under the combined action of the vibration, air flow,the material with sand and stones content moves to head, this helps to clasifly. This material is discharged via the frame tail, sand and stones move to the head of the frame while the broken stones are sieved out. Down from the machine inlet there is a deflector adjustment plates to help make the stone  separation more defined.

The operator can check the inside status through the inspection windows, the stones and mud seperated are discharged through the outlet, the heavy material is discharged though the outlet.

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