Golden Grain Group Co.,Ltd. (GG) is a supplier of innovative grain processing technology for wheat, feed, corn and rice industries. We supply advanced grain processing equipment, provide electrical engineering, program logic controllers (PLC) control systems for turn-key and upgrades of existing grain processing projects. Golden Grain Group has many year’s of engineering experience as we have successfully completed many domestic and international projects. Our group provides processing technology solutions, designs, supplies equipment, installation and commissioning personnel, operator training and has excellent after sale services for the support of all our customers. Typical plant capacity range from 80-600 MT per 24 hours.

Golden Grain Group Co., Ltd (GG) collaborates with leading grain science professors and world renowned experts engaged in grain and flour milling engineering, in order to bring the latest innovative designs to our customers.

We can offer customer customized solutions within grain management, flour, feed, corn, rice mill design and end product development to make our customers market leaders. We have completed over five hundred (500) projects in China. Within the international market, we have completed projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Central, South America and Africa. We now have a market leading reputation within South East Asia.

Our goal is to give our customers the best solution to fully support each customer so they can always stand on the most competitive leading edge. To achieve full customer satisfaction and success is our group’s foundation.

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Golden Grain Group Co., Ltd. is a supplier of the latest innovative grain milling equipment for the flour, feed, corn and rice industry. Our group offers the latest technology solutions and equipment technology based on our business mission of being a leader of technology to service our customers within the grain milling and grain storage industry.

Our many years of experience and successful projects has developed us into a leading enterprise with a well-deserved leading reputation within the domestic and world marketplace. We have implemented ISO9001 and have TQM (Total Quality Management) practices in place.

Our continued focus is on advanced technology in order to be able to offer the latest cost effective solutions for long term operations. We are fully devoted to time saving, power saving, ISO 22000 efficient and lower cost designs. We have expert-level in house engineering design teams and extensive experience for supplying turn-key solutions, equipment, electrical and program logic control (PLC) control systems. Additionally we have installation and commissioning personal to cover installation supervision, commissioning, and operator training. Our long-term development strategy is to focus on the core technology industrialization to demonstrate our strength to create a sustainable development strategy to achieve customer satisfaction.

After many years of collaboration with domestic and overseas grain industry experts to strive for up-to-date development, we possess a strong technical engineer design staff consisting of first-rate professors and in-house experts.

Thank you all for your trust and support to Golden Grain Group Co., Ltd.

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