Equipment Manufacture
Equipment ManufactureEach process is in accordance with our strict ISO9001 quality assurance standards.
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Technical and Management
Technical and ManagementBuilding design, flow sheets, electrical engineer design, hardware and automatic control systems.
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Electrical Engineering
Electrical EngineeringOur process is a consistently reliable electrical control system designed to operate 24/7 thirty (30) days per month resulting in minimum downtime.
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Services training seminars can cover technology,production management,and maintenance procedures.
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Mechanized wings to fly higher in the food industry
On August 13, Wutongqiao District Xin Yun Xiang Yan Shan Cun rice paddies, three sets of rice harvester rumble, field workers busy. Continue to enter the golden rice harvester, in the blink of an eye, paddy rice can be be filled into a bag.


State purchase has made it difficult for private grain processing enterprises
Along with the continuous advancement of China's grain market reform, the main body of the grain market is basically reformed. Food market competition intensifies, the government regulation and control of grain market capacity is significantly improved.



Each process is in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. Our mandate is delivery of high quality products and services to our customers.

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